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How Meercats electrical systems spark confidence

Meercat Boats is renowned as a leading provider of versatile steel workboats, for which the Meercat Boats’ range was coined – MultiRole Vessel, ie. the MRV. Spanning all aspects of new builds, as well as its workboat refits, Meercat Boats’ stringent controls, processes and procedures ensure that the craft leave the yard to the very… Read more »

Government’s Maritime 2050 strategy is unveiled

Meercat M15 Workboat

The British Government has launched its UK Maritime 2050 being the first ever long term strategy for marine growth in the UK. Click here to see the UK Maritime 2050 Executive Summary. As one of the UK’s leading workboat builders, Meercat Boats welcome the strategy, which includes great focus on continued development, R&D and innovation… Read more »

Why Meercats are leaders in Multirole Workboats

Since 1997, Meercats have been renowned as one of the most versatile multirole workboats available in the commercial marine marketplace. The vessels range from 12 to 24 metres, available in mono, twin and triple hull configurations; which are also available with a unique road transportable option. The road transportable Meercat Boats provide a great solution… Read more »

Meercat provides dive support in Saudi Arabia

After leaving Meercat Boats as a new build in Southampton, the 15 metre ¬†6 metre workboat was shipped directly to Dammam in Saudi Arabia on board a RoRo vessel, which thanks to its unique road transportable nature was easily achieved underdeck. The ability to launch the Meercat using the mothership’s crane was crucial to the… Read more »

New 22m Meercat multirole workboat – available to charter

NOW SOLD¬† – AVAILABLE TO CHARTER FROM MAY 2019 Meercat Boats’ newest and largest multirole workboat, the Meercat MRV22 Landing Craft, is available for sale. Devised as a landing craft / hybrid workboat, the Meercat MRV22 is able to be used across many operations due to its versatility. Built of a rugged 8mm steel construction,… Read more »

New, customised aquaculture support Meercat takes shape

Meercat Boats’ 15 metre workboat business is taking shape. Destined for a leading Scottish aquaculture business, Meercat Boat features a single hull 6 metres wide, made of 8mm Lloyds Grade A steel built to Lloyds Certification. It has twin 285hp Doosan engines, Ironfist 25t crane, Tenfjord 2t capstans, 30 ton cargo carrying, 6 ton bollard… Read more »

Throwback Thursday – Meercat lifts ASV Global Autonomous vessel

As it’s Throwback Thursday, we have spotted this great series of video clips from our friends at ASV Global, who are celebrating a successful Summer of innovation, which reminded us of when Meercat and ASV worked together briefly. It's been a busy year so far at ASV, here are some great clips from this summer!… Read more »