Since 1997, Meercats have been renowned as one of the most versatile multirole workboats available in the commercial marine marketplace.

The vessels range from 12 to 24 metres, available in mono, twin and triple hull configurations; which are also available with a unique road transportable option.

The road transportable Meercat Boats provide a great solution to far flung and tricky-to-access locations. These are regularly found operating in fish farms, civil engineering projects, and maintaining inland waterways, to name a few.

The standard Meercats demonstrate similar features, which include optional increased bollard pulls, large and stable deck areas capable of carrying loads up to 100 tonnes, incredible visibility combined with  exceptional manoeuvrability; enabling its crew to easily operate the vessel.

Meercat Boats are located worldwide operating in many guises including; dredging, landing craft operations for personnel and cargo, harbour, ship and port servicing, aquaculture, hydrographic surveying, wind farm support and rescue and recovery.

With her shallow draft, manoeuvrability and carrying capacity, our Meercat is ideal for laying utility pipelines and cables.

OPD Solutions, Norway

Each Meercat is designed and built in the UK. Whilst each vessel shares the impressive multirole features associated with Meercat Boats, every vessel is built specifically for the precise operation that its owner and operator requires.

Despite the bespoke nature of the marque, Meercat Boats are highly competitively priced, particularly compared with mainland European shipbuilders, and also retain strong second hand values due to their build quality and versatility. This, in turn, allows a potential buyer to enhance his fleet with an impressive vessel through a range of excellent purchasing and leasing options, which delivers a quick return on investment.

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