Month: January 2019

Government’s Maritime 2050 strategy is unveiled

Meercat M15 Workboat

The British Government has launched its UK Maritime 2050 being the first ever long term strategy for marine growth in the UK. Click here to see the UK Maritime 2050 Executive Summary. As one of the UK’s leading workboat builders, Meercat Boats welcome the strategy, which includes great focus on continued development, R&D and innovation… Read more »

Why Meercats are leaders in Multirole Workboats

Since 1997, Meercats have been renowned as one of the most versatile multirole workboats available in the commercial marine marketplace. The vessels range from 12 to 24 metres, available in mono, twin and triple hull configurations; which are also available with a unique road transportable option. The road transportable Meercat Boats provide a great solution… Read more »