Meercat Boats is renowned as a leading provider of versatile steel workboats, for which the Meercat Boats’ range was coined – MultiRole Vessel, ie. the MRV.

Spanning all aspects of new builds, as well as its workboat refits, Meercat Boats’ stringent controls, processes and procedures ensure that the craft leave the yard to the very best of their potential, with the aim to deliver a wholly seaworthy, robust and safe vessel, which will outlast its peers.

Clive Leonard, Electrical Systems Consultant at Meercat Boats comments, “No other workboat builder compares to the level of focus Meercat Boats places on its safety and electrical systems. Adhering to BS6883 (Marine Cabling) standards is mandatory, however Meercat has always taken it to the next level, believing that where there’s an opportunity for improvement, they will take it, despite it inevitably increasing build costs.”

Clive continues, “In addition to many other measures and work to electrical systems, the teams at Meercat place additional MCM points in place, to boost the safety aspect. Furthermore, before any vessel leaves the dock, it is also stringently assessed for hull electrolysis.”

John Buck agrees, “From the commencement of the build, elements such as using top quality 8mm steel plating, through to exceptionally trained and longstanding in-house welding teams who produce best-of-breed results, to focus on reducing acoustic and vibration output, Meercats are unsurpassed in build quality.

“Meercat Boats are highly desirable on the second-hand market, primarily due to their build quality, meaning they are seen working for many decades, combined with superb customer service and versatile nature, resulting in retaining high residual values. Meercat Boats are not cheap – they are top quality workboats sold at a very competitive price.