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Guernsey Harbours orders new Meercat multirole workboat

Market-leading steel multirole workboat builder, Meercat Boats, has announced that it has been awarded the build contract for Guernsey Harbours’ workboat. The Meercat M15 is a 15.6m steel multirole vessel featuring a new side wheelhouse configuration, which will be built at Meercat Boats’ design and build facility in the Port of Southampton (UK). Jim Mair,… Read more »

Preview of Meercat’s New MRV22 Landing Craft

Meercat Boats’ new vessel, the Multi Role Vessel 22, aka the MRV22, has received an inspection visit by her new owner, Topbond plc. The MRV22 is Meercat Boat’s largest workboat to date. The steel vessel has been specifically designed with a drop down bow which enables ease of access for trucks/heavy plant; in addition to… Read more »

What next for Meercat Boats?

David Rutter is Meercat Boats’ Business Development Manager. His background spans autonomous vessels, design and sale, through to military operations. He has worked with the team at Meercat Boats for two years and has seen the business and sector significantly evolve over that period. Here he answers a few frequently asked questions and sheds light… Read more »

Meet the Meercat M18

The new M18 is the flagship of the Meercat Boats range. Built of rugged 8mm steel construction, the 18.75 metre mono-hull Meercat is a cost-effective solution to today’s maritime contractor who needs to provide a variety of duties for their customers, ideally fulfilled by a single workboat. The new M18 has been unveiled as a… Read more »

Meercat’s Oil Spill Response Vessel commences duties

Meercat Boats’ new Oil Spill Response Vessel (OSRV) has arrived with its new owners. The OSRV been commissioned to undertake environmental support operations in Eastern Europe and immediately commenced its essential operations. The custom-designed Meercat Boat will also be used for all the usual harbour and port operations that Meercats are renown. The versatility of… Read more »

Meercat Boats’ 15m workboat is taking shape

Meercat Boats’ new steel 15 metre workboat is starting to take shape. Designed specifically for port servicing duties, the vessel is destined for operations in UK. More information will follow shortly. Contact the Meercat sales team to discover how a Meercat can greatly enhance your business.  

Meercat’s new Landing Craft is in build

Meercat Boats’ new landing craft is in build with the steel superstructure almost finished and looking good. This is the first of a new range of vessels specifically designed for the demands of landing craft operations, enabling vehicles, cargo and crew to swiftly transfer from sea to land, in addition to the usual duties performed… Read more »

Meercat unveils new financing options

A host of options are available to anyone wishing to acquire a Meercat for their operations, which results in back-to-back contracting and seamless overlapping between an existing vessel and your new tailor-made Meercat Boat. Part exchanges are offered for your existing workboat, which can be combined with lease-back if desired. Attractive five-year and seven-year mortgage… Read more »

Meercat’s flagship 18m multirole vessel

Meercat Boats’ flagship vessel is the M18 steel multirole workboat. British built and designed in collaboration with Walker Marine Design to MCA CAT 2, the M18 is a cost-effective multi-purpose workboat, designed for myriad projects including; port services, construction works, dredging support and offshore maintenance works, which can be customised to suit the purchaser’s specific… Read more »

Workboats and vessels available for lease

Meercat Boats has announced that it is now offers workboats and operational craft for lease. Leasing is ideal for marine contactors and workboat operators who need to swiftly ramp up their assets, whether to overlap with an in-process vessel build, or as a straight-forward lease to fulfil a new contact. Jim Mair of Meercat Boats… Read more »