Month: October 2018

Why no two Meercat Boats are identical

Each Meercat is custom designed and built to precisely match its buyer’s requirements. The reasoning behind creating bespoke vessels is that it delivers precisely the right vessel to conduct the operations required by the operator. For the contractor, having a truly versatile craft enables it to have very little downtime, which in turn enhances the… Read more »

Meercat M15 Aquaculture Vessel is Unveiled

Meercat Boats is celebrating another build rolling out of its Southampton yard. The Meercat M15 is destined for an aquaculture company in Scotland with handover due in November. It’s role will be primarily fish farm support, combined with other port and harbour servicing duties. It has been designed to precisely match its new owner’s requirements… Read more »

What next for Meercat Boats?

David Rutter is Meercat Boats’ Business Development Manager. His background spans autonomous vessels, design and sale, through to military operations. He has worked with the team at Meercat Boats for two years and has seen the business and sector significantly evolve over that period. Here he answers a few frequently asked questions and sheds light… Read more »