Month: May 2019

MRV22 Landing Craft Enjoys Her Sea Trials

Meercat Boats’ newest and largest multirole workboat, the Meercat MRV22 Landing Craft, has now successfully undergone her sea trials and the team is preparing for her handover to hers new owner, Topbond plc. The largest vessel built by Meercat Boats to date, the MRV22 (Multi Role Vessel) has been designed to be extremely versatile and is… Read more »

Vessel Focus: Vixen #M12 | Carmet Group

The Meercat Boats, Vixen, owned by Carmet Group, has been spotted undertaking bridge repair works along the Manchester Ship Canal, along which she has operated since her launch in 2011. Vixen is currently under contract to CT Construction. She is currently a key element in the reparation and strengthening to a bank that had collapsed… Read more »

Meercat’s MRV15 new build is progressing well

Work is progressing well on the new 15 metre Meercat Multi Role Vessel for Guernsey Harbours. The Meercat’s hull is now watertight, and deck has been partially been welded to the hull. Work is due to start on the wheelhouse shortly. Meercat Boats also welcomed representatives from its new owners at Guernsey Harbours. Martyn Stanfield… Read more »