When it comes to financing your new vessel we can help.

We appreciate that the sooner your vessel commences operations, the sooner it can deliver revenue. Meercat Boats works closely with industry-leading finance providers in offering the best possible solution to financing your new workboat. 



Whether you want a five or seven-year vessel mortgage, a 100% loan or a 20% loan we can help you find the best solution. For example, one of our marine finance specialist partners has a proven track record of finance facilities, having arranged for over 70 vessels in the last four years, providing each client with a uniquely tailored solution. 

Marine finance specialists generally welcome the opportunity to arrange finance for our vessels due to Meercat Boats’ high residual values.



Part-exchange vessels will be considered against a new Meercat Boat. Part-exchange enables you to seamlessly continue operations, without downtime.  In the knowledge that the upkeep, management and overheads will cease when its replacement is delivered often makes this a very attractive option.

Please contact us to find out more about part-exchanges and finance.

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