Meercat Boats’ 15 metre workboat business is taking shape.

Destined for a leading Scottish aquaculture business, Meercat Boat features a single hull 6 metres wide, made of 8mm Lloyds Grade A steel built to Lloyds Certification.

It has twin 285hp Doosan engines, Ironfist 25t crane, Tenfjord 2t capstans, 30 ton cargo carrying, 6 ton bollard pull, and an impressively shallow draught of 1.1m. 8mm steel thickness. , coded to CAT 3.

The Meercat Boat will operate in Scottish waters, providing aquaculture support duties. This will be the second vessel purchased by the company who have been impressed by the versatility of their existing Meercat.

Coded to CAT 3, the new Meercat 15m will commence operations in November 2018.