Meercat Boats has announced that it is now offers workboats and operational craft for lease.

Leasing is ideal for marine contactors and workboat operators who need to swiftly ramp up their assets, whether to overlap with an in-process vessel build, or as a straight-forward lease to fulfil a new contact.

Jim Mair of Meercat Boats explains why leasing can be so beneficial; “Primarily the benefits of leasing enables an asset value to be booked equal to the present value of rents as a right of use (ROU), which enables a business to offset liability entered as ‘obligation to pay’.

He continues, “Because leasing is considered to be non-debt (other debt), it is unlikely to jeopardise debit limit covenants.¬†As operating leases are residual based structures, the asset and liability will probably be less than the cost of the asset, which will yield a lower o-book balance than financing via a traditional loan.”

Contact the Meercat sales team on +44(0)23 9238 5179 to find out about vessels available to lease .