Each Meercat is custom designed and built to precisely match its buyer’s requirements.

The reasoning behind creating bespoke vessels is that it delivers precisely the right vessel to conduct the operations required by the operator.

For the contractor, having a truly versatile craft enables it to have very little downtime, which in turn enhances the opportunities for securing a greater number of contracts and providing improved return on investment.

Within a matter of days, a Meercat Boat can be conducting dredging work, then tasked with ship servicing the next, then onto buoy and harbour maintenance.

Some Meercats feature road transportability, which allows these remarkable vessels to operate far inland, whilst still remaining fully operational – and within just one hour, which is key to time-critical tasks.

Additionally, due to their shallow draft, most Meercats can operate in around 1 metre of water, which means that they are ideal for flood and rapid response rescues.

Jim Mair, Technical Manager at Meercat Boats, is a great supporter of custom designed vessels, ”whilst from a manufacturer’s viewpoint it may be appealing to create a one-size-fits-all designed vessel, in reality the buyer and operator require something to fit their needs exactly. Retrofitting is time-inefficient and often does not fully deliver the required end result.”

Our Meercat has worked non-stop since delivery. We couldn’t be happier with the vessel and her versatility.

Harbour Master, Conwy, UK

He continues, “This is where Meercat Boats come into their own. In essence, a Meercat is the ultimate multirole workboat as the more duties the vessel can undertake, the better returns for the owner and operator. And now that Meercat Boats is under the TopBond Plc umbrella, it can offer part exchange and contract-back options for a client’s existing vessel whilst their new Meercat is in build; which is often the perfect solution.”

So, whether an oil spill response vessel destined for duties in Eastern Europe, or a port services craft working for BAE Systems in the UK, each vessel is unique, however remains true to the multirole versatile workboat concept synonymous with the Meercat brand.

Contact the team at Meercat Boats to discuss your specific needs on 023 9238 5179 or email info@meercatboats.com.