Why Choose A Meercat?

Designed and built in the UK our workboats have a proven track record.

  • Exceptionally stable hull form
  • Over 70 years industry experience
  • Conventional or road transportable
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Built to MCA Workboat code or Class
  • Customisable equipment and layout

We tailor our Meercat Workboats to meet your every requirement.

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Oil Spill Response Vessel

Regarded as the most versatile and fully customised OSR vessel in today's market

What could be more useful in an emergency oil spill situation than a vessel that can be mobilised at a moment’s notice and which can also carry out such a wide and varied number of duties. 

The deck and crane lend themselves to the deployment of skimmers and the liquid cargo tanks are easily pressed into use as either dispersant tanks or oil collection reservoirs.  The Meercat’s shallow draft is ideal for accessing shallow marsh and estuarine environments.