BK Marine, the Shetland-based workboat charter fleet operator, is a stalwart supporter of Meercat Boats, having recently leased a 22m Meercat multirole vessel, to enhance their fleet which already operates a Meercat 18m.

BK Marine, which bought the Meercat MRV18 BK Marjorie in 2017, has contracted to lease a 22 metre Meercat MRV22 Landing Craft from Topbond plc, which purchased the workboat new in 2018.

Ben Hicks, Toplander’s new skipper comments, “Toplander will greatly enhance our fleet due to her versatility. She handles extremely well and the landing craft capabilities of the bow door are perfect for access, plus the generous deck space accommodates a range of cargo.”

Gordon Williamson, MD of BK Marine said, “We have been so impressed with BK Marjorie that despite considering purchasing another identical vessel, the leasing of the 22 metre multirole landing craft means she can commence operations for us straight away with our new and innovative cage cleaning equipment, keeping both us and our clients very happy.”

Renowned as the market leader in delivering top quality and cost-effective new build multirole conventional and road transportable steel vessels to 24m, Meercat Boats also provides refits and servicing for vessels up to 100m in length, with a maximum beam of 9m and a draft of 2.8m.

Meercat Boats operates from its Southampton waterside purpose-built shipyard, where it employs highly experienced and dedicated teams of steel shipbuilders, fabricators and finishers.

Contact John Buck to find out more at john@meercatboats.com.