The newly launched Meercat Boats MRV15, namely ‘Sarnia’, purchased by Guernsey Harbours, has had an exciting first few weeks.

Arriving in St Peter Port in early October, she immediately commenced operations, taking over duties from the previous workboat, ‘Sarnia’.

Her upgraded crane was specifically designed to enable her to lift significantly heavier loads than that of her predecessor, and this, combined with her ease of manoeuvrability has made her an incredibly useful workboat for Guernsey Harbours many operational needs and has immediately placed her as the new flagship.

Pierre Blanchard, 2nd Coxswain on board Sarnia is a huge fan, commenting on LinkedIn:

“This morning was walk ashore bridge removal day. It’s amazing how much safer and easier this workboat has made our job. Well impressed”

[Crane at]”Full stick , running airbags out to the dive team 14.7m”

“Pile recovered today with the boats own crane with the divers”

“Finger pontoon removed from St Sampsons, so it was back into St Peter Port to remove another gangway”

“Outbound to our second harbour St Sampson’s to remove an end of pontoon”

“The new 15m meercat smashed her first job a couple days ago lifting a gangway off that previously we wouldn’t have even attempted with the old boat”