Meercat Boats has been designing and building steel multirole workboats since 1996. Here are some interesting facts and figures.


Meercat Boats is the leading bespoke workboat builder

Meercat Boats is regarded as the industry leading steel workboat builder for custom and bespoke multirole vessels.

Meercats come in a variety of hull configurations

Meercats are available in single, twin and triple hull variants, with the option of conventional or road transportable hulls.

Meercats are designed and built in the UK

Meercat Boats are proudly British. Designed and built in the UK, in the buoyant Port of Southampton at Hythe Marine Park, the build teams have been working together for many years, consistently delivering high standards.

Meercats are extremely versatile and robust

Meercat’s towing ability, stability, manoeuvrability and deck space and cargo carrying capacities are second to none. Added to their quality finish, steel hulls and cleverly designed wheelhouse and deck configurations, it is easy to understand why they are regarded by so many as the best in their field.

Meercats operate across many maritime sectors

Meercats are extremely versatile, hence the coined term of MultiRole Vessels (MRVs) as they can turn their props to the majority of short sea duties including: Fish farming, dive support, civil engineering, aquaculture support, marina maintenance, moorings, ship supply, wind farm servicing, logistics of cargo, and general port and harbour support work.

No two Meercats are identical

Meercats are built on the MRV concept, starting life extremely versatile. At design stage are further customised to enable Meercats to precisely match clients’ specific requirements, which include oil spill response and recovery, fisheries cage cleaning, landing craft features, and commercial dive craft with decompression tanks.

Meercat Boats operate worldwide

Meercat Boats operate globally, and can be found as far afield as Australia, Norway, United Arab Emirates, mainland Europe, Asia, UK and even Tasmania.

Meercat Boats also builds unique road transportable workboats

Meercat Boats started business building unique road transportable workboat concept, which is still available today. These were designed to be easily transported far inland, or to inaccessible locations, and fully operable within an hour of arrival.

Meercat Boats have very low down time

Due to their versatile nature, Meercats often replace a number of vessels, resulting in effective working and very few hours sat idle in port.

Meercat Boats have high residuals

Cost-effective at time of purchase, Meercat Boats realise high residuals, on occasion reaching more than new due to demand of these unique vessels.

30% of Meercats sold are to existing customers

An incredible fact. To give a snapshot of a few: Williams Shipping owns four Meercats, BK Marine operates two Meercats, Dawnfresh Fisheries owns two, and Topbond operates two Meercats.