Meercat Boats’ newest and largest multirole workboat, the Meercat MRV22 Landing Craft, is available for charter.

Devised as a workboat with landing craft features, the Meercat MRV22 is able to be used across many operations due to its versatility.

Built of a rugged 8mm steel construction, the MRV22 is a mono-hull Meercat which boasts a completely new design and configuration to its smaller sisterships.

Whilst designed with port servicing and aquaculture in mind, like its sisterships, the MRV22 has been designed to be extremely versatile and is ideally suited to larger and more complex projects.

The newly designed wheelhouse allows for superb all-round visibility together with good internal space for crew within.

The vessel still provides the manoeuvrability and cargo carrying capacities for which all Meercats are renown. Likewise, the Meercat MRV22 provides an extremely stable platform, and features increased bollard pull, larger cargo capacity and increased liquid cargo capacity.

As one of the leading steel workboat builders in its field, the Meercat Boats’ brand is synonymous with delivering the ultimate solution in versatile, multirole vessels. Meercat Boats offers financing plans, part exchange and lease-back options, to help assist you in your new vessel purchase.

To find out more about this remarkable and versatile vessel and to discuss your aspirations for your next multirole workboat please call the team on +44 (0)23 9238 5179 or email