Meercat Boats have long been regarded as a leader in the design and build of short-sea multirole vessels.

Built in the UK and delivered to all corners of the world, Meercat Boats started life uniquely as road-transportable twin hulled rugged, steel workboats. Their ease of transportability, combined with sub-one metre draft, enabled the craft to access the most remote, most shallow or furthest inland, locations. This, combined with the fact that they were easily deployable within just one hour attracted a range of operators from a host of sectors such as harbour servicing, aquaculture, rescue and flood relief and civil engineering.

Since its inception, Meercat Boats has continually evolved, whilst remaining true to its heritage, still offering the road transportable vessels options, but also delivering multirole workboats built of steel in single, twin and triple hulled variants, ranging from 14m-22m; all capable of many duties in addition to that of a more conventional workboat.

Every Meercat is bespoke and designed specifically for the needs of its operator. These hybrid multirole vessels include those tailored to undertake the following additional operations; oil spill response, fish farm maintenance, pipe-laying, wind farm support, military equipment logistics and of course port harbour servicing.

Built and launched from Meercat Boats’ state-of-the-art production facility located in the Port of Southampton, the company was recently acquired by Top Bond Plc, which has enabled Meercat to strengthen its offering and provide unsurpassed financing and leaseback options.

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